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  Ultrasound over USB

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"Technical Report: Ultrasound over USB," Arpith Chacko Jacob, Brandon Harris, Todd Bumgarner 2004.

Abstract— The project implements two designs on the Xilinx Spartan-II FPGA using an FTDI USB1.1 IC. The first design is a simple loopback that receives data from the host via the USB and retransmits it back to the host PC. The second design transmits selected scan data from an ultrasound backend to the PC host, supporting a maximum of 5 frames per second. To achieve acceptable frame rates on a USB1.1 bus, the amount of data transferred was cut down by a factor of four by selecting the sample closest to each pixel. VHDL was used to describe the hardware design, which was simulated with ModelSim and synthesized using the Xilinx tools. Linear interpolation was used to generate a 512 x 512 image from the scanned data.