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  Kermit download software for Linux Systems

Saturday 24th 2004f July 2004, 09:33:17 am. Posted in: Embedded. 159 words.  

During uClinux development, one of the most useful tools is a kermit download utility. Most bootloaders support download of binary images on to their targets via the Kermit protocol on a serial line. In windows the program Hyperterminal may be used to send the file from a host. For unix systems Columbia University released a free program, G-Kermit CU, which can be called by Minicom to perform a kermit transfer.

The following patch allows G-Kermit CU to function as a standalone program, eliminating the need of a terminal program such as Minicom.

G-Kermit 1.00 may be downloaded from here.

Apply the following patch to support direct download via a serial line, along with a progress bar.

Compile and execute the program. To send a binary file to the target, use the following command:

./gkermit -is /tftpboot/linux_image.bin -o /dev/ttyS0

where /tftpboot/linux_image.bin is the full path to the image to send in binary mode and /dev/ttyS0 is the serial output line.


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